• June 2020

    Krista Birong, from Sayville's Class of 2020, was inspired to celebrate her class despite the impact COVID-19 had on their High School traditions. Finding a silver lining in the unprecedented challenges, she orchestrated this virtual yearbook for her classmates, demonstrating they are all in this together. "The video will be reflecting the past 13 years of our lives that follow us through elementary school, middle school, and high school, " Krista explained. "I am also including a teacher's section where teachers video themselves and speak on behalf of the senior class and provide words of advice."

    Very special thanks go to Krista and all who contributed to this nostalgic and heartwarming journey of an unforgettable class.

    Click on the image BELOW to view the video. 

    It is also available at this link: SAYVILLE SENIOR STRONG!