PEACE DAY Art Projects in Sayville Schools

Peace Projects with Mrs Ainslie's Art Class
Peace Project with Mrs. Ainslie's Art Classes

Cherry and Sunrise Peace Projects

  • Peace Day was celebrated in Mrs. Ainslie's Art classes at Sunrise Drive and Cherry Avenue Elementary Schools. “Since World Peace Day is September 21st of every year, our first project of each school year is to create an inclusive whole school collaboration,” Mrs. Ainslie explained. “This year of course, has its challenges, but we persevered and made something beautiful. Kindergarten, first and second grades drew lines, shapes, patterns and colors within an outline of their hands/arms. Third, fourth and fifth grades drew Peace symbols, lines, shapes and colors onto decorative paper plates. The children's artwork is displayed in both schools, and shows that when we work together, we can create something powerful.”

Whirled Peace in Annual Pinwheel Display

  • Each year, the UN General Assembly has declared September 21st as International Day of Peace to strengthen the ideals of peace. It is observed around the world.  In Sayville, the Pinwheels for Peace Project has been one way the art department and students have participated in the annual event.

    Sayville High School art students designed pinwheels by using words to express their feelings; others used pure design of color and form to show that respecting others was a very positive way of keeping peace in their school.  





Lincoln Avenue Peace Pinwheels

  • In celebration of Peace day, Mr. Michaels’ students from Mrs. Hawthorn’s class created large “pinwheels of peace” for display in front of Lincoln.Peace Pinwheels

    Hawthorn's class