Downtown Sayville Replicated In Sayville Middle School With Halloween Window-Painting Project

Downtown Sayville Replicated With Sayville Middle School Halloween Window Painting

Middle School Halloween Art

  • Instead of heading into Downtown Sayville for the Annual Halloween Window Painting event, the Middle School students were given the opportunity to recreate that Downtown feel in their own building.

    Art teachers Alex Schwenzer and Jackie Eggleton asked their sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade  students “to design their own posters inspired by Halloween. Some students made paintings while others chose to draw or use pastels. It has been fun to see all the unique styles and themes!”

    When they had completed their spooky masterpieces, the students displayed their artwork in classrooms and all around the school. “We did our best to fill the cafeteria and lobby windows,” Ms. Schwenger said.  “We wanted to keep the Sayville tradition alive so we also included some storefront signs of a few businesses in town. The Middle School looks very festive and colorful. This year is full of changes but our students did an amazing job and their creativity still shines through!”


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