For the Sayville Players Theatre Group The Show Goes on with “Halloween Masks”

  • October 29, 2020

    Adapting to the challenges of this “new normal" in “unprecedented” times has become the routine for us all. However, “adapting” became a very creative endeavor by the Sayville Players.

    Due to social-distancing restrictions this year, the Sayville High School theatre troupe could not stage their Fall performance before a live, studio audience. However, instead they made their first-ever film production entitled “Halloween Masks.” This project of the Sayville Players Film Club was directed by Asher DeVerna and Nick Rampulla.

    This screenplay by screenwriter and actor Eddie James explores masks as metaphor in a Halloween-party setting during which the characters unmask the illusions of public perception with private issues of self-esteem.

    The outstanding performances of the student-actors along with the clever camera work and appropriate musical score highlight the poignant themes in the story and make “Halloween Masks” worth watching multiple times. Kudos go to the actors, crew, camera and post-production film editors and director Doug Shaw for a premium film première. 

    This film-short about the masks we wear is timely for many reasons, not just for Halloween. It also illustrates the October trait of Self-Esteem in Sayville S.T.R.I.D.E.S., the social and emotional wellness initiative.