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Tying In October-S.T.R.I.D.E.S. Trait of Self-Esteem to Wabi-Sabi Photography Assignment

  • In response to the Sayville S.T.R.I.D.E.S. social-emotional wellness initiative, the students in Deb Urso’s and Jen Berotti’s photography classes were asked to photograph wabi-sabi compositions. In Japanese, wabi-sabi loosely translates as “imperfect, aged beauty” and reflects a philosophy about transitory beauty being present in “old, everyday, and imperfect” things.

    From the Discover Digital Photography website

     “Wabi-sabi photography, then, can be said to be noticing and capturing this beauty for others to see. Wabi-sabi in photography can be split into three main types:

           1. photography of the overlooked beauty,

           2. photography of worn and weathered beauty, and

           3. adding imperfections to staged images to make them seem more real.”

    Sayville photography student, Samantha Larkin explained how she related her wabi-sabi photos to the October trait of Self-Esteem, “…although these objects in my photos aren’t perfect/in very good shape, they are still all beautiful in their own ways and this relates to self-esteem  because no one is perfect, but everyone should keep their heads high and think greatly of themselves because even things with many imperfections are still beautiful.”

clinging leaf
old writing