“Big Business Breakout Room” – A coal mine “owner” checks in with her

Big business Breakout Room
  • Middle School Eighth-graders in Lauren Cierski's English and Janine Vogel's Social Studies Classes participated in a Big Business History Simulation called Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Students competed to see which steel mine owners, oil industrialists, railroad tycoons, and bankers built the biggest monopoly. 

    Andrew Thiakodemitris, one of the winners of the simulation, wrote:

     "When we won the Big Business simulation, we were pretty surprised. We honestly had no idea how we achieved what we did. Our company, otherwise known as Not a Pyramid Scheme Inc., started off with a few members of the class planning to join forces. The two classmates then realized they needed a way to ship their goods, so they recruited me and another classmate to help pay for the shipments. So the two of them became five, and grew even larger. Three more classmates approached and offered their services to help our company. Our final stage of inflation was when a group of about five classmates asked us to merge companies, to increase our chances of winning. We wrote up our offers and hoped for the best. Then the big day came when the winners were announced. We were feeling pretty good about our oil bid (160,000 barrels at $4.00 per barrel and shipped in two weeks.) But we were not feeling great about our oil bid (400,000 tons at $4.00 per ton, shipped in 50 weeks.) First came the oil winner. The offers were pondered by the buyers, and they ultimately chose our group as the winner. Then came the steel bid. We realized that other companies had the same amount of inventory for a smaller shipment time. The difference was, their prices were higher. We were astounded when our name was called, because our steel would arrive in a little under a year! But the winning factor was price. Our prices were the lowest, and that is how we won. By collaborating with fellow classmates and writing up offers that attracted the buyers, our group ultimately won the Big Business simulation."