Bagel sign
  • Cherry Avenue Showing Thanks to Southside Hospital with Denim Dollars

    The Cherry Avenue community regularly collects “Denim Dollars” for the privilege of wearing jeans on a designated Jean’s Day.

    “Thanks to everyone’s generosity,” Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne announced in late November, “our Denim Dollars fund has grown large enough for our first donation.  We have arranged for 30 dozen bagels with butter and cream cheese to be delivered to Southside Hospital.”

    The bagels and sundries were sent the day after Thanksgiving and delivered first to the emergency room for distribution and after, to the COVID Units. Cherry Avenue’s thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.  “It was so well received,” the Southside’s spokesperson reported, thanking Cherry Avenue “for our generosity.”

    Cherry Avenue continues to collect “Denim Dollars” to support our essential workers.