Music Students Honored Virtually with BOE Citations

  • Orchestra

    Mary Madigan

    Amanda Kleinman



    Paige Gaiser

    Hunter Caiazzo



    Katherine Zender

    Jennifer O’Leary

    These students are being recognized for the being part of “the heart and soul of the Orchestra, Chorus & Band Group”  In the words of Mr. Hoffman, “They are always prepared, always on time and always ready to lend a hand.   Their contributions are the foundation of their performing organization.”

Presentation of Awards by Mr. Jeff Hoffman

  • Music Department Chairperson Jeffrey Hoffman introduced the accomplishments of music students remotely receiving citations at the December 10, 2020 Board of Education Meeting: 

    Good Evening Dr. Stimmel, members of the Board and everyone,

        Thank you for inviting me to speak tonight about these exceptional students.  Typically, we honor (as we should), those students who have had great achievements during their tenure at school, but, tonight we are honoring some unsung heroes of the High School Music Department.

    These students are being recognized for being a part of the heart and soul of the Orchestra, Bad and Chorus groups.  They are always prepared, always on time, and always ready to lend a hand.  Their contributions to these groups provide the very foundation of their performing organizations.

    Amanda Kleinman.  Mr. Kramer had this to say about Amanda: Amanda has been a leader of the concert Orchestra since she was a freshman. She is always warmed up and ready to play, and has been consistently seen helping others to do their best. This year, Amanda went out of her way to play duet music for our December concert, and she played a style of music she has never played before. 

    Mary Madigan.  Mr. Kramer had this to say about Mary: Mary has grown tremendously over the course of these past four years. Though she started her high school career in our non-audition-based group, Mary has continuously worked hard to not only become a member of the audition-based string ensemble, but to be a leader within it. She has gone out of her way to play the most challenging and difficult literature she can, not for the purpose of showing off, but truly for the sake of bettering herself not only as a musician, but as an individual who works hard to be disciplined in all facets of her life.

    Hunter Caiazzo.  Mrs. DiMartino had this to say about Hunter: I have had the privilege of teaching Hunter as a member of my ensembles for the past four years. Hunter has exemplified a strong work ethic, a great attitude, and a great talent. One of Hunter's best qualities is his positive attitude and his eagerness to learn. I have yet to see a time when he is not ready at the sound of the bell, music in hand, and ready to sing.

    Paige Gaiser.  Mrs. DiMartino had the following to say about Paige: I have had the pleasure of teaching Paige for three years as a member of Chorale. Paige's talent is beyond her years. Her beautiful singing voice has been an asset to the group. Her attitude and commitment to the music department has been unmatched. Paige is a true leader in the department and it has been my honor to listen to her beautiful singing. 

    Katie Zender: Mrs. VanBoxel had this to say about Katie: Katie has been an outstanding member of the concert band since her freshman year.  She is hard-working and dedicated.  When asked to switch instruments to help the ensemble she did so without question and has done extremely well.  Katie is respectful and contributes creatively in class.  She sets an excellent example for others and is well respected by her peers.  It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Katie develop as a musician and to have her in class.

    Jenny O'Leary. Mrs. VanBoxel had the following to say about Jenny:  Jenny has been an outstanding member of the wind ensemble since her freshman year, playing both flute and piccolo.  Jenny is extremely reliable; she can always be counted on to come to rehearsal prepared.  She has developed her skills over the last several years and become an amazing flutist.  Jenny has participated in many groups, including the Symphonic Orchestra and Pit Orchestra. In addition, she has performed at NYSSMA and been selected for All-County and Mid-Island Band.  Jenny has been and continues to be an integral part of the wind ensemble.


    So, as you can see, these student’s contributions, though not public, have had a profound impact on the success of their respective performing groups.  It is our pleasure to be able to recognize their yeoman daily work which makes their ensembles better every day.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!