Middle School Rocket Tradition—We Launch for Our Community!—Continues in Second Year

  • Each year, as part of their Seventh-Grade Technology Curriculum, Sayville Middle School students in Mr. Jim McLoughlin’s technology classes build and launch rockets. But last year, he started a new tradition.  As a way both to raise money and raise awareness for those in need within our community, Mr. McLoughlin created the “Sponsor a Rocket Fundraiser,” and gave the Middle School community an opportunity to help others.   (See attached flyer and 2019’s video) Last year they raised $185.

    However this year, responding to the challenges created by the hybrid-learning model, Mr. McLoughlin adapted the lesson. “All rockets were built at home using Estes Rocket kits purchased by the district,” he said.  “This is a change from our usual craft style Rockets built in previous years.” In addition, he broadcasted live from his classroom via Google Meet all the lessons and demonstrations. These were also recorded and uploaded to his Google Classroom for the students to watch later if they needed to see them again.

    The second “We Launch for Our Community” was held during the week of December 7 through 11th and they raised $215 dollars. 


    Have a look at this year’s Corp of Sayville Middle School Rocket Engineers and the charities they sponsored by clicking on this link:


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