World Languages Class Meets Clyde in Netherlands

Connecting Cultures Class
  • World Languages Connecting Cultures Class Meets Clyde in the Netherlands

    “Who says we can’t travel in a pandemic?" Connecting Cultures teacher Ms. Julia Sergison asked. "Last week students in my Connecting Cultures class took a virtual trip to the Netherlands when guest speaker Clyde Carver, better known as @cl_audio on TikTok, visited our Google Meet. Clyde is an American living and working abroad in Utrecht, Netherlands and stopped by to tell our students a little more about daily life, opportunity, and culture. Before welcoming him, students had time to view some of his TikTok videos and learn about some Dutch phrases and idioms. They also learned what cultural acclimations would be necessary to work abroad. The students were so excited to meet someone who finds success in his spare time on one of their favorite platforms! In addition to some social media tips, Clyde inspired the students to travel, make connections, and be brave and confident in their future plans. Thanks for speaking with us, Clyde!”


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