High School Photo-Challenge Yields Eye-Catching Results

  • While Mr. Cross’ Digital Photography class introduces students to the basics of using both digital cameras and digital software, it is up to the students to explore the medium and apply the techniques they learn in class. During the recent week of virtual instruction, Mr. Cross gave his students a Five-Day Photo Challenge to demonstrate their understanding of methods for capturing photos.  “Each day,” Mr. Cross said, “students were assigned a photo theme and had to apply previously learned composition techniques along with their own personal creativity.”


  • Day 1 (Monday)   

    Theme: Take a Photo Inside Your House

    Photo credit: Aislinn Parrott, 9th grade

    Day 2 (Tuesday)   Self Portrait

    Theme: Self Portrait

    Photo credit: Mia DeSimone, 9th grade

    Day 3 (Wednesday)

    Theme: Freebie

    Photo credit:   Sabrina Conte, 9th grade

    Day 4 (Thursday)   Food Photography

    Theme: Food Photography

    Photo credit:   Dan O’Doherty, 11th grade

    Day 5 (Friday)  

    Theme: Movement and Action

    Photo credit:  Colin Stagg, 10th grade


photo by Aislinn Parrott

Aislinn Parrott

photo by Mia DeSimone

Mia DeSimone

photo by Sabrina Conte

Sabrina Conte

photo by Daniel O'Doherty

 photo by Daniel O'Doherty

photo by Colin Stagg

Colin Stagg