Mrs. Moyer's Class Meets Mystery Reader

Mrs. Moyer's Class Meets Mystery Reader

Mystery Readers Weekly Program Resumes for Lincoln Avenue Second Graders

  • Nearly every year, in the fourteen years since Laura Moyer has been teaching in Sayville Schools, she has been thrilling her students with a weekly Mystery Reader. This traditional reading exercise would begin in October and go until the end of the year.  And every Wednesday, prepared with five clues—from vague to specific—about the true identities of the Mystery Readers, the students enjoyed trying to guess before the grand reveals.

    However, pandemic social restrictions posed a significant challenge to Mrs. Moyer traditional Mystery Reader program for her second-grade students at Lincoln Avenue. “This year due to safety precautions that have been put in place,” Mrs. Moyer explained, “I was unsure how to make it happen!  Finally I decided that we were going to try and do it virtually.  This past month, our class sent home a mystery reader sign-up through email. Parents, relatives and any other ‘special people’ were invited to surprise our class by being a Virtual Mystery Reader.”

    With Mystery Readers lined up and ready to participate, Mrs. Moyer’s second graders resumed the thrilling guessing-reading game on the first Wednesday in February, 2021, armed with the following clues: 1. I’m a teacher; 2. I love the beach; 3. I have two dogs; 4. I have blonde hair; 5. My favorite flavor ice cream is cookie dough.

    The students waited in rapt anticipation to discover through Google Meet who their first Mystery Reader might be. Only one student suspected he knew the reader’s identity and he figured it out by the fourth clue. 

    “Today was the special day!” Mrs. Moyer announced. “Our first Mystery Reader, Mrs. Lewis, joined our class through Google Meet.  Mrs. Lewis is the mom of my student, Griffin Lewis.

    “We projected her on the White Board and used our document camera, so that Mrs. Lewis could see us. The students were so excited. She read The Secret Life of Squirrels A Love Story.  The children really enjoyed this special Valentine story. They even learned some new information about Canadian squirrels.  Mystery Reader was a huge success!! Thank you to Mrs. Lewis for joining us today! We are so excited to see who joins us next time for this special program!"

    Back on track with a new method of presenting guest readers, Mrs. Moyer’s Mystery Readers program is scheduled until mid-June. This will have her students on their toes and guessing for the remainder of the year.


Mystery Reader Mrs. Lewis Surprises Mrs. Moyer's Second Graders

Mrs. Lewis Mystery Reader
Life of Squirrels
Revealing a Mystery Reader

Meeting the Mystery Reader

Meeting the Mystery Reader