Superbowl Commercial Inspires Sunrise Drive Crossover Stories for Flat Stanley and Flat Matt

Students inspired by Superbowl Commercial
  • For the creative spirit, inspiration is everywhere. The classic story Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown has captivated her students’ imaginations for many years, but this year Second-grade teacher Ms.Denise Philp’s Sunrise students found new inspiration thanks to a Superbowl commercial.

    “So when the commercial for 3-D Doritos featuring Flat Matt came on during the Superbowl,” Ms. Philp explained, “their eyes lit up!  They came into school the following day with imaginative stories about the two characters meeting up!  They were eager to get their stories on paper, and what creative stories they were!  Flat Stanley helped Flat Matt get out of the vending machine in some stories.  In other stories, Flat Matt suggested Flat Stanley pop a 3-D Dorito to get back into human shape!  Some students even brought in 3-D Doritos for snack!  And with the added art lesson to learn how to draw 2-D figures, these writers and artists had a blast while creating stories to enchant their readers!”



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