With over thirty-five years of service in Sayville, Bob Kempf recently said good-bye to the Cherry Avenue Community and the building in which he has served as head custodian for many years. To give him a memorable send-off, the Cherry Avenue Sunshine Committee planned and coordinated activities for Bob’s last week.


    MONDAY – The committee began the countdown with signs posted on the custodial-room door.


    TUESDAY  – The custodial-room doorway was decorated with gold tinsel and a gift of mixed nuts included a note, “We are going to go nuts without you.”


    WEDNESDAY  – In the third wing, MR. BOB ROCKS banner displayed and Bob was awarded a “Retired” baseball cap. He was called to the third wing with the announcement, “Mr. Bob can you please come to the third wing for a clean-up and please bring a mop?”


    THURSDAY  – With the announcement, “Mr. Bob can you please come to the first wing for a clean-up and bring a window squeegee?” Bob discovered Sticky Post-Its covering the front windows with heartfelt messages from the Cherry Avenue community. He was also given a retirement T-shirt.


    FRIDAY - The Sunshine Committee went all out to celebrate his last day:

    • Helium balloons were placed in different areas of the school  along with cards from the students;


    • In the Faculty room, there were cookies to extend Best Wishes, Bob  and a Welcome to Paul;


    • At End-of-Day dismissal, Bob waited outside and waved good-bye to the students from his Rangers Camp Chair (with balloons attached) with matching Rangers cup;


    • And lastly, he was presented with a gift collection from the Cherry Avenue community.