Snow fun


  • As part of her fitness activities for the students, Lincoln Avenue’s Coach Beth Bolger had always wanted to launch a “snow unit.” However, for the past few years, the weather has not cooperated.

    “Not this year!” Coach Bolger exclaimed.  “We have had plenty! There is so much value in going outside and playing in the snow. Besides the benefits of fresh air, getting out of our seats and away from our computers, snow play has other amazing attributes. Snow play allows for opportunities to cooperate with peers, problem-solve, take challenges, express creativity, and build and learn about S.T.E.A.M concepts. Students are learning about construction. They build forts, snow people and animals, snow castles, and houses with many rooms. Students learn how to build walls and the how-to’s of strengthening and supporting structures. Students also learn about physics concepts as they pull each other on sleds and through obstacle courses.”

    Along with these reasons, Coach Bolger cited another valuable aspect, “They practice being kids.  They enjoy the simplicity and spontaneous moments of creative and imaginative play. They build memories that they will never forget for their lifetime.”

    Coach Bolger further reflected, “One thing this pandemic is reminding us is to enjoy the simple things in life, enjoy nature, and to view the world through the wondrous eyes of a child. We have had a great winter for snow play.”

Snow angel
Snow Forts
Fun in snow