Readers as leaders
  • Sunrise Drive: Readers As Leaders Continues

    At Sunrise Drive, the School Site-Based Team has annually promoted reading with a proactive campaign. The goal of this initiative has been to encourage our students to view leaders from around the community as readers, motivating the children to be readers themselves.  In pre-COVID years (see photo below), Leaders as Readers had leaders from the District Office, other schools, and Sunrise Staff and Faculty reading in-person to our elementary students. 

    "This year." Sunrise Drive Principal Dr. Jame Foy explained, "we are having Sunrise (High School) Seniors read to our Sunrise (Elementary) 'Juniors!' With the help of Mr. Doug Shaw, we have teamed up many of the Class of 2021 Seniors with their former teachers in this wonderful reading activity.Through the use of Google Meets, Seniors are spending about 20-30 minutes with an elementary class. Not only are they demonstrating the importance of reading, but the High School students are sharing stories about Sunrise Drive when they were younger."


    In 2019, Leader as Reader Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Dr. Christine Criscione read to students. 

    Dr. Criscione


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