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Kindergarten Registration
  • Registering the Class of 2034

    Sayville’s youngest cohort of students—the incoming Kindergarten class—were both adorable and inquisitive when they and their parents arrived for the Kindergarten Screening.  The by-appointment-only screening process was recently held at the Sayville Public Library. To ensure everyone had a pleasant experience, small groups of children and parents were greeted by Sayville School District personnel who guided them through the steps. Each child was given a small bag of supplies and asked to smile for a polaroid picture. After, the soon-to-be kindergarteners were escorted to activity rooms for motor skills, concepts, and language assessments. While the children were being screened, the parents met with the school nurse to discuss immunizations, physicals, and any other pertinent medical information.

    "We could not be more excited to welcome our incoming class of 2034 this week,” said Sayville Director of Student Services Jillian Makris. “It was heartwarming to see our future kindergarteners in person at the Sayville Library. Their big smiles and unique personalities were energizing. And, they came dressed to impress!

    “I would like to acknowledge the great job done by our elementary staff over the course of the four days. As always, they worked diligently and showed warmth and compassion when meeting with our future students. Also, kudos to three of our teacher aides, Mrs. Neff (HS), Mrs. Hunt (HS) and Mrs. Aebly (SD) who were instrumental in making sure that the process moved efficiently from start to finish.

    “Lastly, I would be remiss not to recognize our partnership with the Sayville Public Library. Donna DiBerardino, Head of Youth Services, was a gracious host and helped to make the process seamless. It truly was a team effort. We couldn't be more proud of the students and our community."

    Kudos to all who eased the way for our incoming class! Thanks go to the  Sayville Student Services personnel who orchestrated this efficient process for more than 180 Kindergarten students and the Sayville Public Library’s tremendous cooperation and assistance in hosting the event.

Registering Kindergarteb
class of 2034
class of 2034
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