The 2021 Sayville All-District Art Show Was a “BIG Success!”

  • Sayville Art Department Chairperson Deb Urso was more than enthusiastic about this year’s turnout for the annual event, citing that in addition to the amazing student artworks, all the art staff helped create such a positive environment.

    “The show followed all guidelines for an indoor gathering,” Mrs. Urso said. “There was trivia created by AP Art History and hosted by National Art Honor Society.  The art teachers with the help of Mia Lafata, Tracy Toth, and Ken Aurelio created a Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt throughout the show.  It was so wonderful to see so many faces beaming with pride throughout the show.” 

    The Senior Showcases were on display upstairs. This tradition of using the second floor above the noisy and bustling Commons again proved a better venue for conversations. Here the Senior artists—an inspiration to the younger artists at the exhibit—explained and fielded questions from interested guests about their media choices, themes, styles, and even their plans for college. 

    One senior, Dianna Raden, expressed that, for her, the Senior Show was “emotional and bittersweet” because graduation meant her journey at Sayville Public Schools was coming to an end and her next chapter in life was about to begin. “Diana's table was filled with paintings drawings, fashion Illustrations, loads of sketchbooks from throughout her career,” Mrs. Urso added.

    Middle School Art Teacher Ms. Tiffany Pontieri was pleased to see Seniors including in their Showcase the artwork they had created in her Eighth-grade Studio In Art Class. It was heartwarming “to see how far they have come and how their artwork developed over the years.” She especially admired Senior Emily Maha’s work and reminisced with Emily about her art journey.

    "OMG! The portraits of celebrities were so good!” exclaimed Ninth-grader Mia DeSimone who also enjoyed the “happy environment’ at the art show. “My parents were like wow, look at their senior work" 

    "There was a lot of talent on display," added another Ninth-grader Ella Holt.

    "It was a fun experience, everything was nicely placed. I especially loved going through the Senior showcases,” commented Eleventh-grader Jude Ramsaywak Grade 11. “I am looking forward to showcase my work next year." 

    The Sayville community’s response to the All-District Art Show was a reminder of how much this event was missed last year, how far we’ve come, and, as Jude said, how wonderful it will be to look forward to the All District Art Show next year.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

  • To view photos from the event, click on THIS LINK!

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