STEAM Activities Included an Eggs-cellent Activity for Lessons on Bike-Helmet Safety

From the roof

Above: Cherry Custodians Mr. Paul and Mr. Anthony prepare the Students' Bike-Helmet Egg Test

  • Fifth Graders SPRING Full STEAM Ahead at Cherry Avenue

    written by Elizabeth Denton, science/health teacher for Cherry Avenue Fifth-grade classes  

    May 10, 2021 

    The students in Cherry Avenue’s departmentalized Science/Health classes participated in two, weeklong Science and Health lessons and activities that bridged Earth Day and Bicycle Safety. 

    Upon completion of their science unit on Ecosystems and Biomes, the students spent a week learning about the history of Earth Day and the reasons behind it. They discussed the differences between Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and protecting our Earth’s ecosystems. They were challenged during this time to collect various household items, that may otherwise become garbage, to reuse for an upcoming STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) challenge. Students collected items such as plastic straws, old plastic Easter eggs, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, cardboard, etc. Their week culminated with an Earth Day sing-off challenge between the three sections of classes. 

    The next week, the students were engaged in a week of bicycle safety lessons to coincide with Bicycle Safety month and Cherry Avenue’s annual Bike to School Day. They learned how to fit a bike helmet properly, the rules of the road, and how to bike safely among vehicles. 

    As a culminating event, the students were challenged to design and construct a “bike helmet,” using an egg to simulate the human skull and brain. Students designed their helmets using a plastic Easter egg as a prototype and their collected re-usable materials from their Earth Day lessons. On the day of the challenge, the plastic egg was replaced with a raw egg. Each class participated in a “crash test” challenge outside. Those students from all three class sections whose eggs survived Rounds 1 and 2 of the challenge in-tact, participated in the final Round 3 challenge. With the help of Cherry Avenue custodians Mr. Paul and Mr. Anthony, the classes watched from below as the custodians tossed each of the finalists “egg helmets” from the roof of the gym to the concrete below. Students cheered and waited with anticipation as each “helmet” was opened and the eggs were inspected. Congratulations to Ryan Batterberry and Kelly Stewart whose eggs remained in perfect condition through all three trials! 

    “The students were excited and engaged,” said Mrs. Denton, the science/health teacher for the Fifth-grade classes. “They took pride in designing their prototype and testing it in increasingly difficult scenarios. They were supportive of each other and cheered for each other’s successes. I don’t think they will ever forget their wonderful school custodians participating in their lesson from the roof of the school!”


STEAM Bike Safety Egg Test
STEAM Bike Safety Egg Test
STEAM Bike Safety Egg Test
STEAM Bike Safety Egg Test

Winning the Bike-Helmet-Safety Egg Toss: Kelly Stewart and Ryan Batterberry

Winning the Bike Helmet Safety Egg Toss: Kelly Stewart and Ryan Batterberry