Recognizing Character at LICAB 2021 Community Leadership Awards

Leadership Awards 2021
  • May 21, 2021

    At the LICAB Community Leadership Awards, held on May 21, 2021, ten Sayville students were recognized for demonstrating “outstanding conduct and character in their daily lives.” The districtwide character-recognition program, launched in 2019, has been the outgrowth of a partnership with Long Island Coalition Against Bullying and Sayville School District’s Social and Emotional Wellness program. Its ongoing mission is to fight bullying on Long Island and bring social-emotional awareness into our schools.

    Sayville Student Services Director Jillian Makris first introduced LICAB Executive Director Joe Salamone and credited his eight-year-old organization with making the LICAB awards possible. She also acknowledged that the students being honored “always do what is right with no expectation of reward,” according to the faculty who nominated them. As Mrs. Makris extoled the attributes of character of this select group of k-12 students—two from each school—she noted, “We can all agree that this past year, we all faced challenges, some small, some very big. And yet, all of you persisted with your good character. You never gave up. You persevered. You were resilient. When you hear your teachers speak of you today, this is what stands out….”

    “Good character and leadership requires responsibility,” Joe Salamone stated in his brief synopsis about the Coalition and its outreach. “So, we decided we would start doing more to incentivize students to build strong character.  That’s why we’re here this morning.” Mr. Salamone explained that all ten winners would receive a prize along with the award plaques.  Recipients from the elementary schools would be given a gift bag, valued at $250, of activities, puzzles, and books to nurture good character. “Middle school winners in addition to the plaque will also receive a check for $500 and high school winners in addition to their plaques will receive $1,000.”

    Student Services Director Jillian Makris and LICAB Executive Director Joe Salamone presided over the ceremony and gave out the scholarships. As the honorees were called up to receive their awards, the faculty member who nominated them expressed their admiration.  

Congratulations to the following LICAB Community-Leadership Award-winning students:

  • Cherry Avenue 

    Tabitha Richards and Avery Rogers: both students were nominated by Mrs. Teufel.

    Lincoln Avenue

    Emma Chung, nominated by Coach Bolger and Abbey Pryzbylowski, nominated by Mrs. Order and Mrs. Wortzman. 

    Sunrise Drive 

    Cameron Dyckova nominated by Ms. Varga and Olivia O'Connell nominated by Ms. Reilly. 

    Sayville Middle School 

    Kayleigh Hillery nominated by Mrs. Rooney and Samara Lee nominated by Ms. Chapman.

    Sayville High School

    Brooke Dubay nominated by Ms. Stevens and Jasmine Guale nominated Mr. Lynch.

Mrs. Makris
Joe Salamone
Joe Salamone