Moving Up

Moving Up--Alphabetically

  • Moving Up—Alphabetically—at the Middle School

    In this historic and unprecedented school year


    The Sayville Middle School Moving-Up Ceremonies celebrated the entire class in smaller groups, arranged in alphabetical order this year. While it was a change in tradition, it made each event feel more intimate. In addition, each portion was live-streamed and uploaded to YouTube, enabling the entire Middle School community to view and enjoy all four ceremonies whenever convenient. 

    After Middle School Principal Dr. Joseph Castoro welcomed the families sitting in the audience and viewers online, the Eighth Graders processed into the auditorium and took their seats on the stage. The ceremony opened with the National Anthem sung at each ceremony by Eighth graders: Vincent Fontanetta, Haley D'Ambrosio, Maia Ludwig, Brooklyn Diwby, and Courtney Malone

    “You are here tonight,” Dr. Castoro began his address, “to mark another milestone in your education.”  The students respectfully listened to their principal for one last time as Dr. Castoro shared his insights broken down into “four small pieces of advice… Four simple things that I ask you, from time to time, to remember: look up, get up, stand up, and lead the way.”

    Encouraging the students to look up from their cellphones—the technological miracles that reside in everyone’s pockets—their principal admitted that these devices are “computers that connect us to the digital world…capable of doing incredible good, but also incredible harm.”  Dr. Castoro urged them to not “sacrifice the real world, the real people, the real family around you for a digital persona.”

    “Get up,” Dr. Castoro continued. “There will be times and days that are difficult…Get up from every failure and learn from it. You will become better because of it. It can be our greatest teacher…Get up every single time.

    “Stand up! Continue to be men and women of principle, of courage. Stand up for things that matter…. Your decisions don’t always have to change the entire world, but know how you act and treat others can change someone’s world.

    “Lead the way. The world has enough followers. It desperately needs leaders. And that is what I know all of you are capable of… You see, leaders look up. They observe what’s going on around them. When they fall…when the fail, they get up. They stand on principle for good. Be that person. Be the best version of you every single day and always lead the way!”

    Dr. Castoro closed his address by asking the students to “go easy on” their parents. Although they may have to adjust to having a High School student in the family, “they have and they will always be your greatest support system.” Dr. Castoro thank the parents for “the joy of working with their children this past year.”

    One by one the students were called stage front by their Guidance Counselor Mrs. Culkin where they received their certificates and personal congratulation from Principal Castoro.

    In his parting words, Dr. Castoro first acknowledged the contributions by Assistant Principal Brian Decker and the Middle School faculty and staff for their support throughout the year, then asked the students to stand. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present …the Sayville Middle School Class of 2021…now officially, for the first time, the High School Class of 2025! Congratulations!” he announced as the auditorium filled with resounding applause.

Principal Dr. Joseph Castoro



    ENGLISH - Maura Reilly 

    SOCIAL STUDIES - Sofia Cangelosi

    MATH 8 - Audrey Bertsch 

    ALGEBRA - Sienna Turner 

    SCIENCE 8 - Kyle Karpowicz

    LIVING ENVIRONMENT - Bruno Cappiello

    SPANISH - Christopher Costa

    FRENCH - Kaitlyn Guterwill

    ART 8 - Grace Garafola

    STUDIO IN ART - Bruno Cappiello

    BAND - Grace Garafola

    CHORUS - Haley D’Ambrosio

    ORCHESTRA - Alec Robayo

    FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE - Lucy Vermilyea

    TECHNOLOGY - Thomas Dexter

    PHYSICAL ED. - Abigail Galaris and Kyle Messina




    PTA Scholarships: Alexander Clark, Ian Donenfeld, Steven Mercorella, Katerina Michaelides, Maura Reilly

    Bright Futures Scholarships: Joseph Kohn, Charles McLaughlin, Caitlin Rieppel, Thomas Whalen

    Cameron Riccomini Scholarship: Maura Reilly

    David A. Roben Scholarship: Nicholas Watson

    Maddy Mergl Surf Scholarship: Maura Reilly

    Suffolk County Executive’s Service Award: Elizabeth McCabe

    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award: Sienna Turner

    NYS Attorney General’s Triple C Award: Audrey Bertsch, Haroon Khan


Names of Eighth Grade Students Moving Up in June 2021

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    ** Distinguished Scholar Award (90 average or above for 6th, 7th & 8th grade)

    *   Scholar Award (90 average or above for 8th grade)

    #   Honor Society

    ^ BOE Community Service Award

    ^^ Prudential Spirit of Community Service Award