Three Times the Moving-Up Excitement at Cherry Avenue

Cherry Moving Up
  • Three Times the Moving-Up Excitement at Cherry Avenue

    June 21, 2021

    “What a year it has been!” Cherry Avenue Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne remarked in her Moving-Up Welcome. “Although different and despite some challenges due to the pandemic, our Fifth Graders have impressed all of us with their resilience, whether they received in-person instruction or participated in remote learning. Resiliency, one of our S.T.R.I.D.E.S. traits, was especially demonstrated, as a result of their maturity, character, flexibility, work ethic, and positive outlook.  They have certainly made fifth grade special for all of us.”

    Adapting to New York State-mandated social restrictions may have changed the traditional format of Cherry’s ceremony but it did not change the excitement and reasons to celebrate the Class of 2021. Three Cherry Avenue Moving-Ups were held, one for each Fifth-Grade class.

    “I would also like to take a moment,” Dr. Ihne continued, “to recognize the hard work of our Fifth-Grade teachers, Mrs. Dawes, Mrs. Denton, Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Faulkner, who have not only worked especially hard to prepare our Fifth Graders for middle school, but for organizing today’s ceremony, as well. A heartfelt thank you to Cherry Avenue music teacher, Mrs. Woerner for all her efforts in preparing for today.”

    Despite being three separate ceremonies each followed the same pattern. After a select student (see programs) from the class led the pledge, every class performed “American” on chimes.

    In years past, the musical number would have been sung by all the students in person, but given some of the COVID restrictions regarding the risk of spreading disease through vocalizations, Cherry Avenue Music teacher Kristi Woerner demonstrated other ways be musical. In addition to learning to play chimes, the students showed amazing rhythm with a cup-percussion performance that included background vocals, digitally mixed to blend their chorus of voices. As the students beat their hands and cups, audiences heard them singing a paraphrased song “Moving On” specifically written by Mrs. Woerner for their moving up ceremony.

    Dr. Ihne expressed her appreciation of the “driven, caring, responsible, and fun group of students,” who were now “well-prepared to enter the middle school. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them and as much as I would like to hold onto them for much longer, it is time to move on to a new school setting.”

    Addressing the students, Dr. Ihne encourage them “to follow your dreams, remain positive, and persevere through the challenges ahead, as life does not always provide a smooth, straight path.” She also reminded them that whatever the future held, their parents would be their “your true best friends.”

    Awards and certificates (listed below) were distributed to each deserving student. 

    After thanking the parents for the trust they showed in allowing the Cherry Avenue faculty and staff to be “part of your child’s education,” and the Fifth-Grade Committee, “for your time and commitment in making this a memorable year for the Fifth Graders,” Dr. Ihne turned to the students spoke to them one last time as their principal. “Congratulations! We are so proud of you! You will be missed, but we will await your return to Cherry Avenue, donning your caps and gowns in the year 2028, following in the footsteps of the graduating class of 2021 who visited us earlier this month!

Cherry Avenue 5th Grade Moving-Up Awards

  • NYS Comptroller Award: Cole Monahan, Avery Rogers, Gavin Sack

    Cherry Good Choice Award:Jayden Aurelio

    Cameron Riccomini ScholarshipFrancis Hanley

    Marjorie Kemper Memorial AwardJack Bombara, Emerson Acerno

    Suffolk County Legislator Award: Avery Whalen

    Suffolk County Executive Award: Grace Hansen

    Office of the Attorney General - Triple CCC Award: Aislyn Beach, Emma McMulkin

    Presidential Academic Excellence: Gold  - Avery Rogers, Aislyn Beach, Eric Dong, Jack Bombara, Emma McMulkin, Gavin Walsh

    Presidential Academic Achievement: Silver - Gavin Sack, Una Murphy, Emerson Acerno, Saad Abid, Jayden Aurelio, Francis Hanley, Avery Whalen, Riley Cameron, Abigail Alberti, Cole Monahan, Grace Hansen, Max Johnson, Layla Moran


Fifth Grade Classes

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Program Dawes

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Program Faulkner

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