Administrators and BOE members attend UPK Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting
  • l-r Administrators: Dr. Sam Gergis, Mr. Belmonte, Dr. Stimmel, Dr. Criscione, Principal Carlson, Mrs. Makris. BOE member: Mrs. Dolan, President Verdone, Mr. deVenau with Pre-K students


    •  “Today, September 9, 2021, Sayville Schools has introduced for the first time Universal Pre-K!” announced Sayville Superintendent Dr. John Stimmel.

    Sayville’s UPK's Opening Day was held at the Lincoln Avenue Elementary school where the program will run for the academic year. When doors opened for the first time, parents were invited to meet the teachers Jessica O'Rourke, Melissa Gallagher, and Kara Intermesoli, as well as tour the classrooms while their children explored. It was an exciting day for the children and their families. There was also an official ribbon cutting to mark this momentous occasion—a proud moment for the School District Administrators and board members who worked many years to make this happen. 

    "This afternoon," Dr. Stimmel shared that evening at the Board meeting, "I had the honor to be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony where we welcomed forty-five of Sayville’s youngest students to our schools. They were adorable, they were enthusiastic, they were engaged. Dr. Crisicone did an incredible job ordering materials and curriculum. Mr. Belmonte and our Buildings and Grounds did a fantastic job getting the facility ready; Mrs. Carlson, our Principal at Lincoln Avenue and her staff did an outstanding job. I can’t say enough…what an important milestone this is for Sayville and what a great service to provide our families.”

    During the BOE meeting, Dr. Stimmel summarized the Sayville School history behind this long-anticipated program and acknowledged the key individuals who played a vital role. "It could not have been done without the support of so many: Mr. Belmonte who found the right funding source and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Dr. Christine Criscione who came to Sayville with prior expertise as an Administrator for UPK in another district, the Board of Education who had for so many years expressed their desire to see this program come to fruition, along with the District Administrators and staff, and of course the community who are making it all possible."

    If first day were any indication, the youngest students in Sayville School District and members of the District’s first Universal Pre-K program will have a fun-filled year!

Youngest students

BOE Trustee Norm deVenau and BOE President John Verdone are ready for UPK!


BOE Trustee Norm deVenau and PreK teacher Kara Intermesoli

Kara Intermesoli with BOE trustee Norm deVenau

Dr. Criscione. Dr. Stimmel, BOE trustee deVenau with Melissa Gallagher

Melissa Gallagher

Jessa O'Rourke with BOE trustee Maureen Dolan

Pre-k Teacher Mrs. O'Rourke with BOE trustee Maureen Dolan
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