DezyStrong Fundraiser

At the DezyStrong Clinic, Girls Volleyball Varsity & JV Teams Ace Their Fundraiser

  • Sayville Girls Varsity and JV Volleyball held a Volleyball Clinic at Sayville Middle School for Grades K-5 to raise money for the DezyStrong Foundation. 

    “At DezyStrong, we believe the mind is a powerful thing,” the Foundation’s website states. “Fighting cancer takes a strong body AND a strong mind. The goal of the DezyStrong Foundation is to support those affected by cancer keep a healthy and strong mental outlook during their fight.  We help by providing with the ability to create and share special experiences along with the ability to share it with friends, family, or other loved ones.”

    Sayville Volleyball Coach Deb Urso and JV Coach Jim McLoughlin along with their teams wore the Foundation’s orange and blue t-shirts and “got to share their love and passion for the sport of Volleyball,” Coach Urso said, “and for a great cause!” Over thirty children participated in the clinic to not only learn the fundamentals of the game but more importantly to have fun.

    “Dezy has allowed so many people to stop and realize how important it is to understand that WE GET TO do something every day of our lives,” Coach Urso continued.  “His story is an inspiration for so many.  One man has touched the entire Long Island Volleyball community and beyond with this wonderful message of love, passion, dedication, and appreciation.  The Dezy Strong Foundation has helped so many families battling cancer and we were honored to be able to help spread the word. 

    Coach Deb Urso reported that the DezyStrong Volleyball Clinic raised $640 for the Foundation.