The Power of Yet—Cultivates a Healthy Mindset at Sayville Middle School

  • In his “Welcome Back” letter to the Sayville Middle School community, Principal Dr. Joseph Castoro introduced a school-wide theme entitled: The Power of Yet.  “It is amazing,” Dr. Castoro stated, “how three simple letters—YET—can change our outlook on everything. Our students' potential is limitless and this year we want to inspire them to reach for the stars by embracing a growth mindset that puts them on a path towards success. Let’s all remind them that if they are struggling with something that they simple ‘have not figured it out…YET!’”

    This year’s motivational impetus to help students grasp that they are on a journey toward their own potential has been well received from its onset. “Our teachers have embraced the theme,” Dr. Castoro noted, “and we are starting to see it throughout the building. It is all about reminding students the importance of a growth mindset and that failure is a set-back but never final.”


The power of yet
  • Middle School Reading and English Teacher Mrs. Sue Rafferty along with several Seventh and Eighth grade students posed for a photo in front of her door upon which are displayed ways the power of yet can reaffirm growth. “While the word is small, its meaning is colossal,” she said. “The students’ growth Mindset is so important. This serves as a reminder that some things take hard work and are worth waiting for. It’s a great way for them to frame their thoughts and to remind them that they are still on a path to success.”