Pep Rally 2021

Pep Rally  2021

Going Outdoors for 2021’s Fall Homecoming Pep Rally

  • October 15, 2021 - Every year before Sayville High School’s Homecoming Parade, Spirit Week concludes with a Pep Rally that often goes all out with enthusiasm. This year, the Pep Rally went a step farther. It went outdoors—and it was such a lovely warm day in October, it seemed Mother Nature was making an extra special day for the event that was missing from last year’s fall calendar.

    The Sayville band played while the classes assembled in the bleachers. Then one-by-one the sports teams were called to the center track before cheering classmates to perform an entertaining skit. Once spirits were rallied, all stood as Sayville Boy Scout Henry Feno marched onto the field with the American flag. The assembly remained standing while the chorus sang the National Anthem.

    After the class officers and Homecoming Kings and Queen were announced, the traditional tug of war between faculty and students ended in a decisive win by Sayville faculty.

    This first outdoor Pep Rally was thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Student Government Adviser Kathy Van Dorn and her student assistants, Student Government President Nicole Reina and Student Government Senior Executive Liaison Caterina Harris.Nicole and CaterinaCat and Nicole