Skits on Self-Esteem
  • Sunrise Drive Skits Showcase Scenarios to Boost Self-Esteem 

    “Healthy self-esteem means our students are feeling good and ready to learn!” 

    At Sunrise Drive, short skits about Self-Esteem culminated the first month of attributes highlighted by Sayville S.T.R.I.D.E.S. social and emotional wellness program.  

    The S.T.R.I.D.E.S. Self- Esteem Assembly was organized by members of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sub-committee for self-esteem. Sunrise Drive Social Worker Amy Buckley and Second-grade teacher Denise Philp, along with Sunrise Drive Parent Rep Faye Plantz, created age-appropriate lessons about Self-Esteem and selected a team of Fifth-graders to teach their peers. These students had to overcome their own stage fright to perform by working diligently to rehearse the skits for each of the three assemblies, divided by grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5. “The Fifth-graders are pretty brave to get up there in front of their peers,” Ms. Philp said, adding “I'm excited for them!” 

    The “actors” did a very fine job. There were two scenarios for each skit.  First, the actors showed a scenario where “a child did not feel good about themselves,” followed by a scenario where the child did feel good about themselves. In the second scenario they were able to “turn the situation around.” The performers demonstrated ways to deal with social slights, to overcome awkwardness, and to reverse negative thoughts stemming from low self-esteem. The lessons conveyed in the skits showed Sunrise Drive students how to “feel good about ourselves,” to “believe in ourselves,” and to “love ourselves even when we make mistakes.”  Not only were the students of all ages receptive, they showed their appreciation with enthusiastic applause for their peers who braved the stage for the first time.   

    Sunrise Drive Principal Dr. Foy, along with the Self-Esteem committee, thanked the Fifth-grade performers for doing an awesome job. They were also “super proud” and praised the excellent and respectful conduct of all the students in the audiences, marveling most about the youngest students who were attending their first assembly ever. 

    At the end of the skits, Mrs. Buckley and Ms. Philp reinforced the message of “We Got You /You Got This” on the S.T.R.I.D.E.S. shirts they were wearing to remind all the students that help was always available to them. When the assembly ended, the students were sent back to the classrooms with the reminders to “feel good about themselves, to not give up, and to stay strong because you can do great things.” These uplifting messages had a positive effect as the student marched down the halls with heads held high. 

    To watch the lessons at each assembly, click on the appropriate video link.