Polar Express Conductor Greets Sunrise Drive Students

Polar Express Holiday Visit
  • It was holiday magic!

    Sunrise Drive Elementary School resembled a train terminal with enormous images of trains and winter scenes flanking the hallways. As they entered the building, all the Sayville students were given train tickets to begin their holiday journey while the Polar Express Conductor welcomed them onboard.

    “Art teacher Jeannette Ainslie acted like a true Santa Claus in leading the way to change our hallway into a Polar Express theme,” Principal Dr. James Foy (A.K.A, The Polar Express Conductor) shared.  “She had volunteer high school students, staff at Sunrise Drive, and student artwork to help with the decorating efforts.” 

    Welcomed by live musical fanfare, played by Mrs. Hoffman, the enchanted students squealed delighted ooohs and aaahs as they took in the sights. Everywhere there was something wonderful to see or hear on their way to their classrooms. 

    “As they walked through the Polar Express train cars,” said the elated Conductor, “the joy on their faces was visible by all!” 

    The full day of activities included the Tour de Jazz performance by the visiting Sayville High School’s Jazz choir and fun activities, book readings, and class parties organized by their teachers.  “…an absolute great day at Sunrise Drive!” Dr. Foy enthused, “and good old fashion Sunrise Drive fun!”