Draw-Off Competitions Are Back!

  • Students in Mr. Chad Cross’ Design and Drawing for Production classes worked in groups to design and construct a box that will hold a Hershey candy bar. “A typical drawing assignment takes two to five days,” Mr. Cross explained.   “Students had under thirty-five minutes to design, sketch, draw, cut, fold, and glue a package that will prevent the candy bars from getting damaged during shipping.”  The High School students had to work with their design partners to solve the problem.

    “The first year of the pandemic,” Mr. Cross said, “put a stop to the draw-off competitions. I am happy to see students collaborating and working in small groups to solve problems.” At the conclusion of the assignment the winners were announced. Congratulations, Zach Ferris and Thomas Gould

    Students (from left to right): John Criscuola, Zach Ferris, Thomas Gould, Jacob McCabe, Chris Yonkers, Joseph Kelly Jr.

    Winners: Zach Ferris and Thomas Gould