Wearing Blue Districtwide in Sayville to Honor the Fallen as well as those in Service

  • The Sayville School community responded to High School Junior Bobby Zane's appeal to wear blue on February 2, 2022, as a sign of respect for NYPD's fallen officers, Rivera and Mora.  Photo below: High School student Bobby Zane flanked by (l-r)  Assistant High School Principal Sabine Loriston and Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer.

    Loriston, Zane, HofferLet's Show Our SupportJF and JG

    Photo above right: Sayville High School Security John Fabry (NYPD) with Sayville Security Chief John Giambrone (NCPD).

    Photo below left: Sayville High School Security Team (l-r): John Giambrone (NCPD), Jim Iorio (NYPD), Tony Clark (NCPD), John Benvengo (NYPD) and Al Sejarto (NYPD)

High School Security Team