• About The R.I.S.E. Tech. (Research in Science & Engineering Technology) Program

    By Research & Technology Teacher-Mr. Rick Caskey

    Students in the Sayville High School R.I.S.E. Tech research program take on real-world societal challenges and work to solve them by applying engineering and critical-thinking skills.  Throughout their time in the program, students gain a number of technological and engineering abilities which will later prepare them for their majors in college.  This program allows for self-driven and self-guided students to engineer and prototype solutions in a lab environment for testing, data collection, and evaluation.  These are just a few of our many talented students.

Showcasing Michael Pitre and Karishma Patel

  • In this photo, Michael and Karishma are testing a Myoelectric Muscle sensor, Arduino Mini and Servos for their project titled: “Hybrid Wrist Functionality for Affordable 3D Printed Prosthetics.”Michael and Karishma

Showcasing Franny Kloska

  • In this photo, Franny is dismantling a donated car door for her automotive safety-device project.  Franny has been working with a Sparkfun Redboard and Relays to develop a device for safer vehicle technology for children and pets.

    Franny Kloska

Showcasing Meredith Albertelli

  • In this photo, Meredith is learning the basics of Arduino code to operate servos that will later be used to build safer and more sanitary personal protective equipment.

    Meredith Albertelli

Showcasing Kylie Person and Brendan Myers

  • In this photo, Kylie Person and Brendan Myers are working together using C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) software to develop a 3D printed prototype for a portable and wearable Epinephrine Auto-Injector.

    Kylie and Brendan