Vet’s Visit Rivets Students’ Interests in Animal-Healthcare Careers

  • After a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sayville Middle School and High School Career Exploration Program (CPE) has been brought back to the classroom.

    “The Middle and High School Career Exploration Program enables students to gain insight into potential careers,” explained Sayville Transition Coordinator Claire Rymer. “Students learn what skills are necessary for a particular career and what those who are in the profession do as part of their job. With this information, students can imagine themselves in careers that suit them.”

    Recently, the program hosted Dr. Dee Henson, Veterinarian and co-owner of the Paumanok Veterinary Hospital, in Patchogue, New York. “Dr. Henson had the students riveted to their seats as she passed around specimens removed during surgeries and showed x-rays taken before and after those surgeries.  Students had to guess the animal by the bones in the x-ray and diagnose what was wrong with the animal by looking at the x-rays.”

    After her presentation, Dr. Henson entertained questions from the students and also invited the Career Exploration Program students and faculty to the Animal Hospital so they could “see and experience” the working environment.