• Sayville – 2022 FENCING ACCOLADES

    Six Sayville fencers were finalists at the Championships on Saturday, February 12, 2022, and Sayville’s Mia Santana won the Women's Epee Suffolk County Championship! She was undefeated 18-0. We are all very proud of her!

    Mia Santana

    Congratulations to the following:

    Mia Santana – First-Place Women’s Epee, All-Long Island, First-Team All-County and All-League









    Gene Weng – Fourth-Place Saber, All-League Sole Winner, Second-Team All-County

    Dan Gabay – Fifth-Place Men's Epee, Second-Teams All-County and All-League

    Brooke Brown – Seventh-Place Women's Foil, Second-Team All-County, All-League Honorable Mention 

    Dan Kranz – Seventh-Place Men's Foil, All-County Honorable Mention 

    Sarah Hinteman – Ninth-Place Women's Epee, All-County and All-League Honorable Mention.