2022 High School Musical Presentation: The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

Sayville High School Musical Production held on March 24 through March 26, 2022

  • The Sayville Players’ remarkable singing, amazing dancing, and excellent acting could not have been more entertaining in The Wedding Singer, this year’s Sayville High School Musical Presentation. From the opening number It's Your Wedding Day, the stage was set for dynamic performances all the way to the final curtain.

    While the musical version of the 1998 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film of the same name was released in 2006, the story takes place in 1985. This flashback to the eighties—with jokes about cellphones with enormous battery packs, insider trading without consequences, the exorbitant cost of CD players, high-yield instruments (junk bonds), “New” Coke, and even a fledgling as yet unnamed Seattle coffee company, (Starbucks) charging $3 a cup—might have gone over the heads of the current acting company—who were born twenty years later. Yet, they never missed the comic timing to deliver their lines with authentic gusto.


The Leads

    • One-time aspiring rock star, Robbie Hart has a less-glamorous life as a wedding singer in New Jersey where he lives, works, loves, and gets his heartbroken at the altar by fiancée, Linda. Multitalented as a vocalist, guitarist, dancer, and actor, Noah Ryan had the title role of this heart-on-his-sleeve character and strummed sweet—and sometimes hilariously angry—magic (Somebody Kill Me Please) on the guitar in his charismatic star performance.
    • Perky, pretty "girl-next-door" waitress Julia Sullivan is genuinely impressed by Robbie’s talent, but more because he is a 'nice' guy’ looking for love, in comparison to her corporate-climbing fiancé, Glen. The ever-effervescent Maya Guacci, portraying Julia, shared her Broadway-caliber singing (Someday, Awesome, Come Out of the Dumpster) and captivating presence every time she graced the stage. In the second act, Maya and Noah’s duet If I told You between Robbie and Julia was breathtakingly “awesome.”
    • Sammy is Robbie’s stand-up friend, who turns up the boyish charm to impress the ladies—particularly Julia’s cousin, Holly. Kyle Finn was flawless as the band’s back-up singer and bass player, the great pretender in the game of love and in tireless pursuit of Holly. He seamlessly brought his strong voice and light feet to many musical numbers, such as Today You are a Man and Saturday Night in the City, but at last Kyle took center stage with his dance moves—including moonwalking—in Single.
    • The Wedding Ban’s keyboardist, George is Robbie’s sensitive friend—a foil to Sammy’s macho bravado—but is just as integral as Sammy in providing the supportive friendship that helps Robbie overcome being a casualty of love. Jude Ramasaywak played the role to a T with outstanding style. Whether in the background or center stage—as in George’s Prayer and Move That Thang with Grandma Rosiehe  enhanced his performances with perfect flair for comedic effect.
    • Julia's cousin Holly, modeled after eighties icon Madonna with attitude and bearing to match, eventually realizes her search for romantic fulfillment begins and ends with Sammy. Olivia Reiss fully embraced her role—acting, singing and dancing—with a commanding stage presence and great comic timing. To the delight of the audiences, Olivia’s talents were deservedly spotlighted in the musical numbers Pop, Saturday Night in the City and Right in Front of Your Eyes.
    • Glen Guglia, Julia’s womanizing fiancé, is a Wall Street broker who wields his power and fortune both to buy Julia’s love and conceal his infidelity. In this role, Ben Flaumenhaft was brilliant. He convincingly embodied the sneaky, power-hungry character with confidence, suavity and charm, while his excellent singing and dancing took center stage during the musical number All About the Green.
    • Spirited, adventurous, and “hip” to rap music, Grandma Rosie is a feisty and liberated woman who raised her orphaned grandson Robbie in her own unique way. A quick learner with remarkable comedic timing, Harper DeVerna also proved she was quick on her feet as she stepped into the grandmotherly role, rapping, acting, and singing in Move That Thang as if she was born to it.
    • Linda, more in love with being a rock star’s woman than actually in love with Robbie, leaves him cold at the altar and breaks his heart. But all is not the same when she rebounds, assuming Robbie will find her unforgettable. As Linda, Ayla Kaczmarek was unforgettable with her splendid, sultry voice and alluring dance moves.

    Speaking of dancing: Choreographer Denise Baio “tapped” the potential of her entire cast with dance routines that enabled all the students, no matter what their level of experience, to join in the fun.  Particularly during the musical number All About the Green, tap dancers Ben Flaumenhaft, Ali Burke, the DeVerna brother and sister team of Asher and Harper, Maia Ludwig, and Breanna Scheck wowed the audiences. In addition, the brief jazz routine gracefully and powerfully performed by Dylan Schneider (the company’s Dance Captain), Dori Ahlgrim, and Sarah Dooley had audiences wanting more. Mrs. Baio expressed her pride and pleasure in the ensemble. Some who had never danced before enjoyed the positive mental and physical changes learning to “move that thang.” Mrs. Baio hopes this introduction to dance will inspire them to pursue more opportunities in the future.

Robbie Noah
Julia Maya
Julia wedding server
sammy and george
Holly  Angie  Julia
Glen  Ben
Glen and Robbie
Rosie and Geoge
Robbie and Rosie
  • The onstage ensemble, backstage crew, set designers, props managers, and the highly skilled musicians in the orchestra, conducted by Mrs Kerri VanBoxel, provided enormous support that made the entire production upbeat and invigorating. After every performance, audiences left feeling “awesome!’

    The printed “SAYBILL” lists all those who gave time and talent in this year’s Sayville High School musical, especially Musical Director: Jeffrey Hoffman, Producer/Lighting: Ari Kramer, Orchestra Conductor: Kerri VanBoxel, Set Construction: Chris Kenyon, Sound: Kathryn Wrede, and Mrs. Denise Baio who juggled the responsibilities of dance, makeup, and costume like a pro.

    It also contains the Director’s Note in which Music Department Chairperson Jeff Hoffman, retiring this year after a 26-year career, summed up the decision behind this year’s selection. “There are years when we produce a show to make a statement. There are also years when we produce a show because the material is great and it makes people happy. After surviving the past three years, we decided the latter was the way to go! We could all use some laughter and joy right now, and that is what The Wedding Singer provides for both the audience and the company presenting it.” 

    A Fond Farewell to Mr. Jeffrey Hoffman

    The production certainly ended on a high note for Mr. Hoffman, who took his final bow at his last Sayville High School musical. Mr. Hoffman's upbeat approach to music theory education, his love for musical theater, and his professionalism inspired generations of students.  So many years of exceptional musicals at both the Middle School and High School were due to him—a legacy of which he should be proud. And, everyone who attended this year's performances would agree, "Leave 'em laughing" is the way to go!  Mr. Jeffrey Hoffman, you will be greatly missed! Good luck with all your future endeavors. 



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