Staff Showcasing Autism Awareness Shirts

Bringing Awareness to Autism

For Autism-Awareness Month, Every Piece Has Its Place

  • In anticipation of April is Autism-Awareness Month, students in Ashley Monastero’s Functional Academic Career Development classes at Sayville High School assembled ideas to bring awareness. First, they helped with the selection of a T-shirt for the campaign by voting on their favorite design. It did not take the students long to puzzle over their choices. The winning T-shirt displayed a heart comprised of colorful puzzle pieces, with the slogan Every Piece Has Its Place on a" cobalt blue background.  These T-shirts have been made available for purchase throughout the entire school district.

    In addition, the students in FACD and various high school clubs also brought awareness with posters made from decorated ‘puzzle pieces’ which they fit together in compositions to match the month-long theme. “These posters will hang around the building to spread awareness,” Mrs. Monastero shared, “and will be up for the month of April.” And the T-shirts had another purpose besides an attractive addition to everyone’s T-shirt collection.  With the proceeds of the shirt sales, “We will be making a donation,” Mrs. Monastero added, “to the Special Olympics—the students chose this organization—with our profits.”