Pep Rally

April 14, 2022 - Springing Forward into Spirit Week with A Pep-Rally Finish

  • Springing Forward into Spirit Week with A Pep-Rally Finish

    Sayville High School held its first Spring Spirit Week, "to honor the High School spring sports teams and athletes and bring the student body and teachers together,” explained Student Government Advisor Katherine VanDorn; and what IS a Spirit Week without a Pep Rally?

    The shortened week due, to the conjunction of religious holidays, began with theme days: Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Mathlete-VS-Athlete Day and Wednesday was Anything-But-a-Backpack Day, during which many students found creative alternatives for carrying their books. Students obviously enjoyed thinking outside-of-the backpack, if the wheelbarrow, cooler, portable kennel carrier, pillowcase, pet stroller, mop bucket on wheels, cello cases, mini shopping cart, shopping bags, crock pot, trash bin, and rolling suit case were any indication. The week of fun concluded on Thursday at the Pep Rally! 

    The Sayville High School band set the upbeat mood while the entire student body filed into the gym. Among the animated spectators were Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Christine Criscione and Director of Student Services Jillian Makris who, as a former High School Administrator, found her High School spirit renewed by the day's activity.  The ceremony began with a brief foreword by Sayville Board of Education President John Verdone. He praised the positives within the High School community. Words of Welcome from Principal Ron Hoffer were followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Boy Scout Henry Fenyo was the flag bearer for both the Pledge and the National Anthem, which was sung by the incomparable Maya Guacci.

    The solemn mood swiftly shifted to spirited, as the Sayville High School Cheerleaders raced onto the gym floor to the musical accompaniment of Power by Kanye West. They motivated the crowd with inspiring chants before introducing the other spring sports teams one by one.  

    The Integrated Athletic Team was first. “The Integrated Athletic Team has been training all year long,” announced the Pep Rally's MC Mr. Kevin Recker as the members took the floor. “The team has participated in a number of athletic events all over Long Island.  Currently, we are training for the Special Olympics.” We are the Champions played as the audience cheered!

    In a lively sequence of team-spirit dancing and stunts, the Boys Baseball team were the ones Who let the Dogs Out?  Girls Golf were par for the course with the Wii Sports Theme, Boys Lacrosse charged with Super Gremlin while Girls Lacrosse showed true grit with No Hands Clean. Girls Softball were in full swing with Timber and Boys Tennis had all the moves for Low.  Boys Track strutted to We Major and Girls Track enjoyed The Time of Our Lives. The animated routines culminated with the Cheerleaders’ breathtaking tumbles and leaps.

    The Pep Rally closed with a favorite event—the tug of war between faculty and students. As the teams strained at each end of the rope, the stands thundered with enthusiasm and encouragement until one side collapsed in defeat. Cheers to the triumphant students for pulling it off!

    And special kudos to the Student Government for launching the first Spirit Week and Pep Rally in the season of renewal and giving the rites of the Spring a new definition.



  • Students: Jade Morello, Connor Cameron, AJ Capuano, James Gallagher, Abbey White, , Ava Eriksen, Jack Smalley, Brigid Manning, Gavin Allen, Luke Byes, Jess Harclerode, Brendan Dargis

    Teachers: Mr. Hoffer, Mr. Aronsen, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Wittman, Ms. Ferretti, Mr. Shaw, Mrs. Richter, Mr. Pace, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Anzalone, Mr. Gallo