S.T.R.I.D.E.S. and Strength Walk

S.T.R.I.D.E.S. and Strength Walk

Sunrise Drive Holds Second S.T.R.I.D.E.S. and Strength Walk

  • During the academic year, the S.T.R.I.D.E.S. initiative promotes social-emotional wellness by focusing on core values such as Self-Esteem, Trust, Resiliency, Independence, Diversity, Empathy, and Strength. Each school within the District establishes its own unique ways to celebrate the monthly themes.

    “On Friday, April 29th,” Sunrise Drive Principal Dr. James Foy announced, “we culminated the month with a S.T.R.I.D.E.S. and Strength Walk.” For a second year, the Sunrise Drive Elementary school held this fun, outdoor activity—organized by the Student Council and Mary Pat Holler, Student Council Advisor—for the entire student body.

    Again this year, the weather cooperated. Sunshine welcomed the students, many wearing their Spirit Wear, as they went on their Strenght Walk, scheduled at fifteen-minute intervals throughout the day. Each group was encouraged to visit five “stations” that focused on different kinds of strengths; and each interactive station, hosted by Student Council members and staff, helped students learn tips on finding strength in their daily lives.

    1. Physical: At this station, Student Council members explained: a) what physical strength is; b) why it is important to our overall well-being; and c) tips on how to take care of ourselves physically.
    2. Mental: Another team of Student Council members led the group in a guided nature meditation. They addressed: a) what mental strength is, b) why it is important to our overall well-being, and c) tips on how to take care of ourselves mentally.
    3. Social: At this station, the students were asked by the Student Council leaders to stand across from each other in two lines while they addressed a) what social strength is, b) why it is important to our overall well-being, and c) tips on how to grow our social strength. Then, with their facing partner, the participating students talked about how they are strong and shared their goals for strength.
    4. Academic: This station challenged the academic strengths of students with age-appropriate activities, such as a Quiz Show for Kindergarten through Third and a STEM Activity for Fourth and Fifth graders. The Academic Challenge divided the 5th Graders into 11 groups. Each group designed a container for a raw egg that would  protect it from a fall from the top of a ladder... Only four out of the eleven teams had the egg break on impact... Not bad!
    5. Emotional: As with each of the other stations, the Student Council members addressed: a) what emotional strength is, b) why it is important to our overall well-being, and c) tips on how to take care of our emotional strength. In addition, this station involved a mini arts-and-crafts station. Students picked one of five shapes, representing each of the five types of strength, and wrote or designed a generic compliment, like: "You are an amazing artist" or "You are a great friend" which was posted the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) bulletin board. The compliments on the bulletin board were readily available for students passing in the hall to pluck particular compliments whenever they needed a reminder that would boost their emotional strength.

    Special thanks to all who made this fun event happen and kudos to the Student Council students who taught at the stations. By the end of the day, all the students and staff felt empowered, just like the school motto: Sunrise Drive Strong!

    photos by Walter J. Stepnowski,  Sunrise Drive Elementary Computer Lab Manager