Heartwarming story in time for Mother's Day

  • Frank Curry, Middle School Custodian, "sprang into action" to save the ducklings from the school's storm drain. With her little ones restored, the mother duck quacked in gratitude. Thank you, Frank! This heartwarming story is just in time for Mother's Day. Enjoy!

    While News12 reported the story, attributing the rescue to the Security Team, at the core of the story, "it was all Frank!"

    News12 Reports

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    Lucky ducks! Sayville M.S. security team saves ducklings that fell into storm drain

    Some lucky ducklings were rescued early Thursday after falling into a storm drain at Sayville Middle School. The security team for the school helped care for the ducklings' mother as buses were dropping students off.
    Eventually, they were able to get all of the ducklings to safety and back to their mother. Now there could be some relief on the horizon - New York State is reducing its taxes on gasoline and diesel starting next month.