The Key Club hosts the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the ALS Ride For Life at Sayville High School

Ride for life

May 6, 2022

  • Twenty-five years ago, the Ride For Life began as a way of raising public awareness and possibly a cure for the debilitating disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Founded by the exceptional Chris Pendergast in 1997—who fought the disease for an astonishing twenty-eight years, having “dedicated twenty-three of those years, raising awareness”—the ALS Ride for Life has raised well over $10 million for ALS research. 

    Each year, Saville High School Key Club, along with co-advisors Angela O’Hoppe and Jennifer Wittman-Cahill, hosts the ALS Ride For Life. During the past two years, COVID restrictions impacted the Ride, but this year on May 6th, Sayville High School students and staff were back.  Holding up posters and cheering while the band played, the High School community welcomed the Riders in the bus loop at the High School’s main entrance.

    “Barbara Brown, the ALS Ride Coordinator spoke and addressed all the students,” said Jennifer Wittman-Cahill, “as did one of the riders. Christine, Chris Pendergrast’s widow, who spoke to the band because he particularly enjoyed the band’s music every year he came to Sayville high school.”

    The inspiring event recognized the courage and perseverance of all those dealing with ALS, as patients themselves or as family members and volunteers supporting the mission to find a cure.

Ride for Life
Ride for Life