A Win-Win for Sayville's Integrated Athletics Team as Special Olympics - May 21, 2022

  • Five hundred athletes supported by three hundred coaches attended the Special Olympics Spring-North Games that were held in partnership with Special Olympics New York at the Farmingdale Athletic Complex in May. 

    Among those hundreds competing were seven Special Olympics Athletes from Sayville High School's Integrated Athletics Team, coached by Ashley Monastero and Caitlin Morrell with support from Beth Bolger and Marissa Lauretti. These athletes had dedicated eight weeks to training for dashes, walks, and relays in anticipation of the competition.

    The Sayville Olympic contenders had the unwavering support of their coaches, families, and teachers, along with another exceptional group of eight Sayville students—Athletes Helping Others, led by Suzanne Hoss. The AHO volunteers trained with the Special Olympians to give them the skills and confidence they would need in the competitions.

    On that warm Saturday, May 21, the officials at the Long Island Region of Special Olympics New York welcomed the athletes and their supporters to the grand event, which seemed even grander after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. The excitement was palpable as throngs of athletes and spectators filled the complex.

    The Sayville Olympians, energized by their select group of Sayville supporters, including Suzanne Fleming, who lent assistance on that day, showed determination in their various track-and-field events. They participated in the Javelin Throw, 50 M Dash, 100 M Dash, 100 M Walk, 400 M Walk and Unified Relay Team 4 x 100 with four AHO teammates.

    At the end of the games, Sayville’s Special Olympics athletes brought home five gold, eight silver, and six bronze medals from the relay! Congratulations to everyone! A big thanks to our coaches, Athletes Helping Athletes, SEPTA and the parents/families for supporting our athletes throughout the school year. Whether as participants, medal winners or spectators, the Special Olympics Spring-North Games was a win-win for all!