Fifth Annual Fit Club Competitions

FIT Club Sayville

Fitness Meets Fun at Fit Club Competitions - May 11, 2022

  • On May 11th, at the Fifth Annual Fit Club, over 1,000 fourth- and fifth-grade athletes from thirty schools around Suffolk County competed on Sayville’s Lincoln Avenue Elementary fields in a fun-but-challenging physical-fitness event.

    The Annual Fit Club, launched with the help of NYS AHPERD-Suffolk Zone, was originally conceived years ago by Sayville Lincoln Avenue Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Beth Bolger. She had wanted to provide a venue that would encourage students at the elementary level to explore fitness while having fun. “This is when the students are most impressionable,” she noted, “and when they really start to develop their fitness habits.” She also wanted these young people to feel invested in their personal fitness decisions, which was why when she planned the Annual Fit Club she incorporated another level of involvement—“the event was created for children and run by children.” Since Lincoln Avenue has been the host site for the Fit Club from the beginning, Lincoln Avenue students were again appointed this year to be the referees, score keepers, greeters, and coaches.

    On the day of the event, the school grounds, prepared by Sayville’s Buildings and Grounds personnel with official lines for the competition, welcomed the arriving Suffolk Zone Fit Club teams from other schools. While there were no entry fees, local schools had to preregister to participate.  Every school team came prepared for the competition with a high level of enthusiasm and uniquely colored t-shirts.

    “Each student competed in two events,” Coach Bolger explained. “The first event is called Ninja speed. Ninja speed is an A.M.R.A.P. (As Many Reps As Possible) consisting of 30 sit-ups, 30 shoulder taps, 15 ski jumps over a hurdle., and a 25-foot bear crawl. The second event is called Overcoming Obstacles and consisted of 15 box jump-overs, 75-foot farmers carry, 30 jump ropes, and a 25-foot crab walk.”

    Cheered on the sidelines by a roaring crowd of teammates and spectators, the elementary-school athletes displayed determination and gusto for each of the challenging activities. By the end of this special celebration of fitness fun, there were nearly 1,000 smiling faces. All had experienced positive feelings—uplifting endorphins—from a day of activity.

    “This year all three Sayville elementary schools placed in the Top 10,” Bolger announced proudly.  “Cherry Ave came in Seventh place, Sunrise Drive came in Sixth place, and Lincoln Ave came in Second place. Way to go, Sayville!”

    Coach Bolger gave a special "shout out' of thanks to Christine Cirillo, Matt Slinkowsky, Jennifer Witman, Tiffany Rowan, and the High School Peer Leaders who lent extra hands on Fit Club day.

Coach Bolger
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