National Art Honor Society Induction - May 18, 2022

  • A Year-in-Review slide show, prepared by Addy Docherty, opened the annual National Art Society Induction ceremony on May 18th and showcased the many community service events in which NAHS participates. “A touching speech from the president Madison Galaris,” NAHS Advisor Jennifer Berotti reported, was followed by “the presentation of graduation cords and membership pins by Madison and Vice President Kate Cassidy. A Members' Art Show was on display during the ceremony and after, refreshments were provided.  Congratulations to all the current and new members listed below.

    *The National Art Honor Society is sponsored by the National Art Education Association.


  • National Art Honor Society Board 

    President- Madison Galaris 

    Vice President - Kate Cassidy

    Hours Secretary- Brooke Aufiero

    Attendance Secretary - Ava Walsh 

    Treasurer - Brooke Burke

    Historian / Photographer - Addy Docherty 

    NAEA Correspondence Secretary - Abbey White

    Trustees - Sara Jaklitsch, Ava Gustafson, Noa DiNapoli, Sarah Hinteman , Annika VonEschen, Kayla Kane



    Albertelli, Louis

    Aufiero, Brooke

    Bartolotta, Noelle

    Burke, Brooke

    Cassidy, Kate

    Castagna, Karah

    Colon, Olivia

    Docherty, Addy

    Galaris, Madison

    Hinteman, Sarah

    Jaimes, Jose

    Kane, Kayla

    Nelson, Miikka

    O'Donnell, Erin

    Smith, Shayla

    Von Eschen, Annika

    Walsh, Ava

    Wessels, Juliet

    White, Abbey

    Burchard, Jillian

    Wilson, Josefina

    Sara Probeyahn

    Andrew Person 

    Maria Michaelides



    Bertsch, Sophia 

    Britton, Julia 

    Carberry, Abby

    Desiderio, Olivia

    Dinapoli, Noa

    Gagnon, Alexandra

    Gidden, April

    Giordano, Molly

    Giordano, Morgan

    Gustafson, Ava

    Imperato, Giulietta

    Jaklitsch, Sara

    Kroll, Emily

    Mirro, Gianna

    Mulligan, Chris

    Moe, Flynn-Fisco

    O'Connell, Abby

    Reilly, Erin



    Sadie Nelson 

    Carly Dubay 

    Abigail Skelly 

    Lilly Clampett 

    Colleen Doyle 

    Ella Holt 

    Emma Bianco 

    Emily Hodgkinson 

    Emily Watters 

    Brooke Babilonia 

    Emma Dean-Stahl 

    Avery Lazaurs

    Maslak, Elle

    Jessica Menze 

    Morgan Carberry

    Emily Helbock

    Courtney Castagna 

    Skyler Collins 

    Ava Cutolo 

    Kayli Villatoro 

    Joseph Malossi 

    Angelina DeVito

    James Erickson 

    Kayla Diaz

    Lindsay DiMenna 

    Megan Dailey

    Caleigh Mansfield 

    Elizabeth Mansfield

    Nadia Moosa

    Brendan Myers 

    Gia Caiazzo

    Lia- Yeon-Hong Bickerton