June 23, 2022

  • On a beautiful day, when the sun was shining and the temperatures were warm without humidity, the Lincoln Avenue’s Moving Up Class marched into the District Auditorium in the Old Junior High. Once assembled, they stood for the Pledge to open the ceremony.

    “We’re happy to have you here with us this morning,” Lincoln Avenue Principal Christine Carlson announced to the full assembly of family members, friends and School District personnel in attendance at the Moving Up ceremony, “and happy to be back in person. and all our Fifth-Graders are moving up together.”

    Mrs. Carlson first acknowledged the special guests: Sayville Superintendent Dr. John Stimmel, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christine Criscione, Coordinator of Special Education, Stacie Gigante, President of the Board of Education Mr. John Verdone, BOE Trustee Norm deVenau, Middle School Principal Dr. Joseph Castoro, and Suffolk County Legislator Anthony Piccirillo.

    “The last few years have been truly unique,” Mrs. Carlson continued. “School has changed significantly since the pandemic but I am incredibly proud at the flexibility, grace, and perseverance you have shown in spite of the challenges you faced the last few years. I am so happy that most of your Fifth-grade year has been more normal and that you have gotten to experience many of the traditions that make the end of elementary school so special. There is a saying that the days are long but the years are short. I find that is especially true when you are at a milestone moment like this. I’m sure many of our parents remember the anticipation of sending your child off to kindergarten and now—in a blink of an eye—you are getting ready to send them off to Middle School. They have come a long way from the small kindergarteners who had so much to learn to mature, intelligent, young ladies and gentlemen ready for more independence as they move on to Middle School.”

    In ending, Mrs. Carslon addressed the students, “I hope you take a moment today to thank your parents for all of the support that they’ve shown you all these years. And for yourself, I hope you realize today is a very special day to recognize your accomplishments. Remember yesterday? When we were rehearsing and Mrs. Cirillo said to you, ‘today is the day to have a big smile and be proud of everything you’ve done.’ I hope that you truly appreciate all the hard work that got you to this week. I am incredibly proud of how much you’ve grown and I can’t wait!”

    Once the Special Awards were announced (see right), each Fifth-grade teacher (Mr. Bombara/Mrs. Hawthorne, Ms. Closs, and Mrs. Puglisi/Mrs. Wortzman)  called their students up one by one to the stage to receive their certificates from their principal.  After the Presentation of the Certificates. Music teacher Christine Cirillo invited the Fifth-Grade Chorus to take the stage for their special musical number: Count on Me by Bruno Mars.

    Before they could be truly moved up, however, the students needed to meet their Middle School Principal. Dr. Joseph Castoro spoke briefly to his new Sixth-Graders with encouraging words. “What I want to share with you about Middle School, one of the most exciting things about it for you all, is that all of you are the authors of your story. You will all get the change to determine the course of what those Middle School years will be like.” Dr. Castoro wished the students a fun-filled summer with friends and perhaps a few books, before inviting them to meet in August for orientation.

    Mrs. Carlson shared her final thoughts. “You are an incredible group of students…I’m sure many of you are nervous about going to Middle School, but I know you will continue to flourish at the Middle School just like you did at Lincoln Avenue. I can’t wait to hear about everything you’re going to accomplish as you continue on your academic journey.” Mrs. Carlson shared her favorite analogy, recommending the students address challenges in their futures and “be like a tree.  Stay grounded. Stand tall and proud. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. And most importantly, keep growing!”

    Concluding the celebration, Mrs. Carlson thanked the PTA Fifth-Grade committee, “I know how much work you did…” as well as the Fifth-Grade teachers, the faculty and main office staff along with the Buildings and Grounds crews. She added special thanks with flower bouquets to Mrs Cirillo for orchestrating the Moving-up Ceremony staff and Mrs. Wortzman who is moving on to Sunrise Drive. Saving the best for last, Mrs. Carlson acknowledged with heartwarming thanks Mrs. Mayr Puglisi for her twenty-three years of dedication and wished her well in her retirement..

    After the last musical number, “The Circle of Lincoln”, which Mrs. Cirillo had paraphrased to reflect the changes the Moving Up class will be experiencing., the  former Lincoln Avenue Fifth-Graders stood with pride in their accomplishments and marched out as Sixth-Graders to applause and cheers.

Lincoln Fifth-Grade Special Awards

  • PRESIDENTIAL GOLD AWARD: Atumn Brown, Nico Cappiello, Riley Chirico, Eve Elsey, Chase Graff, David Hernandez, Keirra Manganiello, Levi Rubenstein, Finn Shea, Mason Shivers, Charlotte Stier, Joshua Vaccaro, Melody Williams

    PRESIDENTIAL SILVER AWARD: Dominic Bruno, Kenneth Cabanas, Emmerson Portanova, Abbey Przybylowski, Nate Tanzi, Electra Walters, Madeleine Wilson, Maya Albano, 

    NYS Comptrollers Award: David Hernandez and Charlotte Stier

    Triple “C”: Electra Walters and Nico Cappiello

    Suffolk County Legislature’s Character Excellence Award: Grace Jones

    ERIN HALLIDAY DUFFY SCHOLARSHIP: John Anzelino, Kierra Manganiello . Morgan Devane, Emmerson Portanova, Lauren Sesso

    PTA Cultural Arts Awards: Grace Jones, Thomas Dey, Charles Marr, Marissa Rivera, Madeline Wilson, Nico Cappiello, Emily Deal, Ava Brown, Autumn Brown, Iyana Bray, Morgan Devane, Maddie DiMango