Sayville RISE-Tech Research Students Take Awards at Scientific Competitions

Mr. Caskey and Rise Tech students

  • “The future depends on what we do in the present. One of the greatest challenges facing the next generation is the degradation of our environment. We at S.A.A.W.A. strongly feel that the solution to this problem will come from this generation of scientists and engineers and it is our duty to encourage the brightest of them to pursue careers in these fields.”

    The above quote is from the S.A.A.W.A. Website

    Thanks to their “hard work and authentic research,” three Sayville High School R.I.S.E. Tech students received accolades at Spring Science competitions. Franny Kloska, Karishma Patel and Michael Pitre competed in the annual S.A.A.W.A. (South Asian American Women’s Alliance) Science Fair. It is the mission of S.A.A.W.A. “to encourage, promote leadership, and innovation among students in STEM fields [and] to help build tomorrow's workforce,” as stated on their website.

     “Karishma Patel and Michael Pitre,” R.I.S.E. Tech. teacher Rich Caskey reported, “received the Humanity in Science Award for engineering a 3-D printed prototype wrist socket. Their project entitled: ‘Hybrid Wrist Functionality for Affordable 3-D Printed Prosthetics,’ earned them each a prize of $100.00. The group had also competed at the Virtual Long Island Science Congress and received the Meritorious award for their project."

    At the same S.A.A.W.A. competition, Franny Kloska placed Second in the S.T.E.M. category for her project entitled: “Reducing Heat Stroke Related Deaths and Injuries Through Automotive Safety Technology,” and received a prize of $150.00. Franny's Research project had also received the Honors Award at Long Island Science Congress.

    Mr. Caskey was elated with his R.I.S.E. Tech students' successes and congratulated their commitment to excellence that earned them these awards.