Sayville Schools Holds a Super Superintendent’s Conference Day

Sayville Schools Holds a Super Superintendent’s Conference Day
  • September 1 2022

    Returning Sayville Public Schools staff were treated to a memorable “2022-2023 Welcome Back” assembly on September 1, 2022. Learning first that the catchphrase of the day was “return to normalcy,” everyone was in for a few more touching, inspiring, energizing, and humorous surprises.

    The assembly opened with musical performances by award-winning student musicians: Maya Guacci who sang the National Anthem and Luke Lundquist who performed a solo on the tuba. This was followed by greetings from both the BOE President John Verdone and STA President Mike Pace. 

    Assistant Superintendents Dr. Christine Criscione (Curriculum and Instruction) and Dr. Peter Branscombe (Human Resources) welcomed the approximately seventy new staff members joining the district, who included at least twenty-five instructional members.

    During the annual Milestone Years of Service video, Sayville staff who have served the Sayville school community for twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, and even forty years were recognized.

    Dr. John Stimmel gave his final address as Sayville Superintendent, remarking that this was his "last" first day, and after expressing his gratitude and pride for his colleagues in Sayville, he was given a standing ovation from the entire assembly. In a lighthearted gesture, he handed off the microphone to his replacement, incoming Superintendent Dr. Marc Ferris.

    Dr. Marc Ferris planned several presentations that engaged the entire assembly.  He began with an amusing short video he had prepared, entitled SAYVILLE FIELD OF DREAMS. While scenes gave homage to such baseball movie favorites as The Natural, Major League,  and Field of Dreams, the ensemble of actors, from Sayville Central office and High School Administrators, stole the show.

     After the hearty laughter and chuckles subsided, Dr. Ferris launched into the year’s theme—Caring and Learning—that reflected his vision for the District. He shared that he had three “heroes” who have inspired him throughout his life—his scientist father, the child advocate Mr. Fred Rodgers, and Rocky—and through a PowerPoint presentation (along with video interviews with Sayville Students and a clip from 1969 when Fred Rogers testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications), demonstrated how the Caring and Learning theme could be incorporated by each and every person in the District. "Every child in our school system benefits from our attention, our love, and our support.  Each of us, no matter what our position, title, or situation, has the potential to be a  child’s next hero or inspiration.  All it takes is a quick smile, a friendly glance, and some small kindness or gesture of support thrown their way.”

    Not to end on an entirely serious and thought-provoking note, Dr. Ferris had one last surprise for the staff. He performed a well-rehearsed skit, taking the iconic Mr. Rodgers’ Beautiful Day song and singing a paraphrased version for Sayville.

    The inspired and invigorated audience rose to their feet with resounding applause.  On his first “First Day Back” Sayville incoming Superintendent Dr. Marc Ferris was indeed a “natural’ who hit it out of the park.