• Schools Open: A Welcome Message from Sayville’s New Superintendent, Dr. Marc Ferris

    “We had quite a first day of school today!  I was so happy to tour all of our schools and see so many students getting to know their teachers, taking time to collaborate with classmates, and prepare for the year ahead.”


    Much-needed rain fell but did not dampen the high spirits within Sayville School District. “Students were greeted this morning by their principals, teachers, support staff, and security teams,” Dr. Ferris shared.  “Our entire staff was focused on creating safe and caring learning environments for all of our children. 


    Lincoln Avenue’s new mascot, Lightning the Lion, provided high fives and hugs while Sunny the Duck Jr. enjoyed the puddles while posing for photos with Sunrise students and  families. At Cherry Avenue, although heads were bowed by the rain and colorful umbrellas covered many heads, the students’ faces were all smiles as they made their way into the school building for the first day of school. At the High School, students and staff shared their summer stories while the middle school atmosphere was charged with students and teachers engaging in activities.


    “No first day of school comes without incident, especially with such poor weather conditions,” Dr. Ferris admitted, but “as this lovely day comes to a close, I am reflecting on how fortunate we all are to live, work, or go to school in such a wonderful community.  This first day was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to MANY more to come.”