• October 15, 2022

    There was not a cloud in the sky on Saturday, October 15, 2022 when the Sayville Homecoming Parade rolled along Main Street. As the High School Marching Band led the parade, their rhythms kept the pace for the banner-carrying members of the Sayville Rotary Club, the Sayville Class of 1982 Alumni, and the Sayville Teachers Association.  Following, in the first wave of the parade were the chanting cheerleaders from the High School, Middle School and youth squads, along with the Sayville Youth football team members and their coaches. Then, the shiny red Sayville Fire Department trucks—their horns blaring—announced the class floats.

    After a week of school-spirit theme days—dress-up, cafeteria-window painting, building theme-related parade floats, and a Pep Rally—the High School classes were excited to showcase their spirit in the culminating activities—the parade floats based upon a cartoon theme and their musical skits.  The Freshmen showed their adventurous side with Dora, the Explorer, the Sophomores played it for laughs with Looney Tunes, the Juniors sleuthed like Scooby Doo, while the Seniors showed great optimism with the nautical nonsense of SpongeBob SquarePants and friends.

    The class skits were held on the football field. The Freshman and Sophomore classes performed pre-game and the Juniors and Seniors at halftime. Once the Rotary Judges tallied the entire Spirit week’s worth of points with the floats and skits scores, the winner was announced.

    Similar to SpongeBob, the Senior Class’ optimism paid off. They won first place and this year—another first—there was a trophy to go along with the title, thanks to the Rotary Club. The Looney-Tunes Sophomore took second-place. With still more mysteries to solve, the Scooby Doo Juniors placed third, while the exploration continues in the future for the Freshman Class, who came in fourth.

    Every year, Homecoming requires enormous planning. Kudos go to the high school organizers, class advisers, The Rotary Club, and many volunteers whose contributions brought enthusiasm and indomitable spirit to the event. And congratulations to the undefeated Golden Flashes for their Suffolk Division III Victory 36:15 against East Islip!


  • 50th anniversary

    The motto "Brothers Forever" could not have been more true when approximately 25 members or representatives from Sayville's 37-member 1972 Undefeated Golden Flashes gathered to celebrate their historic Rutgers Cup Championship at the 2022 Homecoming.  

    October 15, 2022

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer broadcast from the box before the October 15, 2022 Golden Flashes Homecoming Game against East islip, “please direct your attention to the Sayville sideline where members of the 1972 Sayville Golden Flashes Football team have gathered. Fifty years ago, led by head coach, Edward Madden, and his assistants Lee Van Voorhees and Joe Buderman, the team embarked on a football journey. Led by All-American quarterback Chad Smith, All-State receiver Derek Smith (no relation), team Captain, William Costanzo, and an incredibly talented team, Sayville marched on to a 7 and 0 record, breaking many offensive records. The eighth game of the season would be played at a neutral site against the best defense on Long Island, the 7 and 0 East Islip Redmen. The halftime score: East Islip 12, Sayville 0. When the horn went off, it was Sayville 15, East Islip 12. Sayville went on to beat Bayport 42 - 0 on Thanksgiving Day compiling a 9-0-0 record and an undefeated season.”  

    “Sayville was then awarded the 1972 Rutgers Cup Trophy as the best team in Suffolk County - the first Sayville team ever to win "The Cup", which the team is holding now.  

     “In addition to the original Rutgers Cup Trophy, the team is holding the traditional team t-shirt from 1972. The team has also been presented a plaque to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Championship season, graciously donated by the Sayville Football Booster Club.

    “Please join us in a round of applause for those coaches and team members who could be here today…” 


brother  forever
Coin Toss
The Coin Toss
  • As the following names, jersey numbers, positions, roles, etc. were announced, the original Rutgers Cup Trophy, on loan, was handed to each player: 

    •          Fullback, #24, William Bachsmith

    •          Guard/Defensive Tackle, #83, John Barylski

    •          Defensive End/Linebacker, #67, William Connors

    •          Guard, #65, Brandon DeCaro

    •          Linebacker/Running Back, #28, Theodore Drinkwater

    •          Fullback/Halfback, #23, Cadman Henry (Hank) Federick

    •          Linebacker/Tackle, #52, John Fucarino

    •          Offensive Guard/Defensive End, #74, Tom Lotterman

    •          Guard/Linebacker, #71, Wayne Lunati

    •          Punter/Linebacker, #54, William Manning

    •          Defensive Tackle, #76, Robert McKay

    •          Running Back, #20, Steve Moline

    •          Tight End/Defensive Back, #81, Robert Neugebauer

    •          Quarterback/Safety, #11, Dwayne Postupack

    •          Defensive End, #70, Thomas Rhodes

    •          Offensive Tackle/Defensive End, #75, John Rickert

    •          Quarterback, #10, Mark Schnepf

    •          Wide Receiver/Defensive Back, #85, Derek Smith

    •          Tight End, #82, Alan Trinkwald

    •          Statistician, Tricia Mannix