• October 14, 2022

    The entire student body showed enormous enthusiasm during the 2022 Homecoming Pep Rally, that celebrated the Sayville sports teams, announced the Homecoming Class Kings and Queens, and ended in the traditional Tug-of-War between faculty and students. Beginning with the presentation of the flag, carried this year into the gym by Carson Loughlin, the National Anthem was sung with thrilling embellishments by the amazing Amelia Wells.

    In the dark gym, strobe lights illuminated the activities as first the Cheerleaders, then the individual teams were presented to the crowd by Pep Rally announcer Kevin Recker:  “The Girls Tennis Team is an undefeated league champion led by team captains Sara Jaklitsch and Kylie Person. Good luck to the team today competing in their division tournament at East Islip High School." He continued with introductions for:

    1. Integrated Athletic Team, music:  We are the Champions- Queen

    2. Girls Cross-Country

    3. Girls Field Hockey, music: All of the Lights- Kanye West

    4. Football, music: Imperial March- John Williams

    5. Boys Soccer, music: Champion- Kanye West

    6. Girls Soccer

    7. Girls Swimming and Diving, music: Fireball- Pitbull

    8. Boys Volleyball, music: Fancy Like- Walker Hayes

    9. Girls Volleyball, music: Heads will Roll Mashup.

    The cheerleaders closed the performances with their own routines. 

    Upon completion of  the Cheerleaders’ performance, the 2022 Homecoming Royalty (Kings and Queens and Senior court) were announced: Freshmen:  Queen - Emily Totevski  and King -   Luke Norman;  Sophomores:  Queen - Adria Vargas and King - Philip Abad;Juniors: Queen - Mckenna Farrell and King -  Gavin Acker; Seniors: Queen - Charlie Strittmatter and King -  Kenny Lopresti  and the Senior Court:  Emma Law and Griffin Perez; Brianna Adams and Justin Delaney,

    Although High School custodian Jim White was the first called up for the Annual Tug-of-War, it was all good fun. As he seemed puzzled by his unexpected involvement in the Pep Rally activity, he was soon more surprised when he was accompanied by two students in duck costumes. Then, Mr. Recker announced: “Just kidding! We would like to thank you Mr. White for your twenty-two years of service as a custodian and for being so kind to everyone in the building, especially our families of ducks. Congratulations Mr. White- Enjoy your retirement!”

    Then the actual Tug-of-War teams were announced. On the student side were: Grace Mccavanugh, Tyler Bickerton, Franny Kloska, George Vadyak, Chloe O’Connell, Artie Redmond, Kelsey Restivo, Tim Zelinski, Maddy Timoney, Kevan McCann, Kristin Suydam, Owen Burk, Benny Sands, and Serena Buono. On the staff side was:   Mrs. Loriston, Mr. Hoffer, Mr. Cameron , Mr. Sands, Mr. Bannon, Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Vogel, Mr. Perez, Ms. Ferremi, Mr. Kramer, Ms. Sackaris, Mr. Gallo, Mr. Guercio.

    Sayville Superintendent Dr. Marc Ferris was allowed to choose his side and he quickly sprinted over to the students. Talking strategy with his youthful team, Dr. Ferris encouraged them to work together and not be daunted by the powerful staff team. He rallied the Cheerleaders to help set up the chant of “pull” to give his student team a pulling tempo. When the tug-of-war began, the staff seemed initially unsettled by their much younger opponents.

    So who won the match?  Watch the video below.