Sunrise Drive Fifth-Grade Peer Ambassadors - Kahoot

Sunrise Drive Fifth-Grade  Peer Ambassadors - Kahoot
  • October 27, 2022

    At Sunrise Drive last year, Sunrise Drive Social Worker Amy Buckley began a Peer Ambassador group.  This was a group of fourth graders who exemplified leadership and were positive role-models to their peers.  During that year, they even helped teach other students on how to use the Peace Path for conflict resolution with plans to teach more students this year.

    The little group has grown since then. Now, in 2022-2023, the original Peer Ambassador Group members, as Fifth-graders, “are finding many ways to help support the students of Sunrise Drive,” explained Sunrise Drive Principal Dr. Jim Foy. “Just this week, the Peer Ambassadors taught lessons on Keeping your Body Healthy to all grades during the students’ lunch periods.”   As this week was also Red Ribbon Week at Sunrise Drive, the theme: how to treat your healthy body with respect shared the same ideas. “The Peer Ambassadors led discussions with the assistance of Ms. Buckley,” Dr. Foy added.  “They even put together a fun Kahoot for all the students to be able to play to reinforce the learned materials.”

    The Peer Ambassadors are making a difference by showing their younger classmates the value of healthy choices.