After Hiatus, Cherry Avenue Elementary Once Again Hosts Annual Veterans Breakfast

  • CAVNovember 10, 2022

    To acknowledge the veterans in their students’ lives, the Cherry Avenue community resumed hosting their annual Veterans Day Breakfast after a several-year hiatus.

    Cherry Avenue Mrs. Nicole Teufel, the wife of a veteran, welcomed and addressed the guests on behalf of Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne, Cherry Avenue staff, and Sayville Superintendent Dr. Marc Ferris. She concluded by thanking “each and every one of you here today for your dedication and service to this wonderful nation. We live in this country because of your commitment to serve in the military and ‘thank you’ just never seems like enough. So today, we wanted to show how proud and thankful we are to you and all of the veterans in this country. It’s not nearly enough, especially with the sacrifices you ALL have made, whether it was in recent years or many years ago. We want our children to appreciate what you have done… From the bottom of my heart, as an army wife, a mother, a teacher, and a friend… Thank you all!”

    Directed by Music Teacher Mrs. Kristi Woerner, Dr. Beth Ann Fulton’s Second-grade class and Mrs. Jeanette Georges’ Third-grade class sang three musical numbers: This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, God Bless America by Irving Berlin, and You Are Our Heroes by Teresa Jennings, that touched the hearts of the entire audience. . The celebration continued with the presentation of certificates. Each veteran along with family members were called up to the podium where they were personally thanked and then, once all present and accounted for had been recognized, a scrumptious breakfast was served by the Islip Career Center Culinary Class for the students and their veterans.